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Condensate Polishing Unit CPU

We offer state-of-the-art, comprehensive solutions for condensate polishing unit for Sugar, Distilleries, Captive and Cogen Power Plant ad Process Industries

Condensate polishing units based on anaerobic and aerobic treatment for reuse in processes.

  • Based on Anaerobic and Aerobic Process.
  • Odourless treatment.
  • Finest outlet quality.
  • Long Life.
  • Compact Design.
  • Organic load variation can be handled.
  • Treated Water can be recycled.

  • Capacity : 200 KLD to 3 MLD
  • Installation Service : Yes
  • Brand : WTE

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Zero Liquid Discharge Plants

We offer complete ZLD solution to the Industries like electroplating, surface coating, process industries wherein water can be reused for the process without any discharge to the environment which helps for clean and green environment.

Necessity for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
After having recognition of problems that many industrial sectors are not able to achieve standards and this ultimately necessitates to work towards Zero Liquid / effluent discharge standard.

Definition of ZLD
Zero Liquid discharge refers to installation of facilities and system which will enable industrial effluent for absolute recycling of permeate and converting solute (dissolved organic and in-organic compounds/salts) into residue in the solid form by adopting method of concentration and thermal evaporation.

Salient Features
Our ZLD plants meet the international and national standard norms. Our plant remains odorless, compact & sturdy design and quick to install.

  • Sugar Industry
  • Pharmaceutical & Food Manufacturing & Food processing Industry
  • Thermal Power/ Rubber Industry/ Fertilizers
  • Paper & Pulp Industry, Leather Industry
  • Dying/Bleaching processes/ Tanneries/Laundary-Textile Industry
  • Metal Finishing/Automobile/Steel Mills/Electroplating
  • Automobile Industry, Pickling, Chemical Process Industry, Paint Industry

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Control panel

Phase : Three phase,

Single phaseCapacity : As per client requirement,

IP rating :IP54, IP55, IP65,

Usage :Motor control, Automation.

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Condensate Unit

1. Based on Anaerobic and Aerobic Process
4. Easy to handle Organic varying load
2. Odorless treatment
5. 100% Treated Water recycled & reused
3. Finest outlet water quality
6. Very easy to operate & maintain

Treatment Scheme For CPU
  • Primary Treatment
  • Hybrid Treatment(Aerobic & Anaerobic Treatment)
  • Degasification/Stripping
  • Clarification
  • Filteration + Disinfection
  • Ready to Utilize

Product Details :
Treated Condensate PH7 - 8
TDSLess Than 500 mg/L
BODLess Than 30 mg/L
Installation ServiceYes

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CPU For Water Treatment

Condensate polishing units based on anaerobic and aerobic treatment for reuse in processes.

Salient features of our treatment process are:
  • Based on Anaerobic and Aerobic Process
  • Odourless treatment
  • Finest outlet quality
  • Long Life

Product Details :
PH Value7 - 8 (after Treatment)
TDSLess Than 500 mg/L(after Treatment)
Installation ServiceYes
Water SourceIndustrial Effluent
Applicable IndustrySugar Industry

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