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Solid Contact Clarifiers

We are manufacturing world class Solid Contact Clarifiers that have capacity to act as both an improved flocculation device and high rate chemical precipitator. Here, mixing, internal solids recirculation, gentle flocculation and gravity sedimentation are all combined within single unit. The solid contact clarifiers mix the influent flow with previously settled solids within the draft tube. In this, the gentle mixing within the reaction well promotes agglomeration of floc particles and chemical precipitates. Then, the aggregated solids settle out more quickly in the clarification area. In the solid contact clarifiers, clarified overflow is removed through a radial launder system that draws water from the complete surface area to avoid solids carryover caused by uneven velocity currents.

  • Low energy mixing for chemical reactions & formation of floc particles
  • Unique low shear high volume impeller
  • Gravity sedimentation clarification and enhanced flocculation in one unit
  • Consumes less chemical input
  • Low horsepower requirements
  • Requires less space than conventional flocculation and sedimentation train
  • Considerable savings in terms of tankage, civil work, and operational costs

  • Pretreatment to conventional filtration
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Surface water clarification
  • Cold lime softening
  • Lime & soda ash softening
  • Pretreatment to membranes
  • Tertiary wastewater treatment
  • Phosphorous removal
  • Heavy metals removal
  • Colon Bacillus(M.P.N.): <=350/920 ml
  • Suspended Solids(TSS): <=99 mg/L
  • Capacity: 5 KLD to 95 MLD
  • Application: In industrial, sugar & distillery

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